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Lots of customers always ask us about our warranty. And we do not offer your typical warranty. Well....because prints are not typical. 

Let me break it down.

We ProRate Prints

Our standard prints last up to 2 years. Over time you will see small percentages of fading. This is the nature of digitally printed signs. Signs get a different amount of sun at different times in different regions of the U.S.

Our 2 Pass prints help your sign last up to 3 years. 

If you feel like your print has faded too quickly. Then we prorate the time you did not get to use it.

For Example: 

  • 10'x30' billboard costs $285.00. 
  • Billboard fades too much by 1.5 years. 
  • We apply $71.25 credit to your new print. 
  • Your print needs to be the same artwork you used prior.

Please see our calculation: 24 months / $285.00=$11.87. $11.87 x 6 months left=$71.25

Mechanical Issues

A print can fail for numerous reasons.

A print can fail if it is not ordered for the use it was intended. In that case we will only issue a sizable discount to the client to reprint it to be helpful to the customer. 

If we print something incorrectly or did not finish out the edges correctly then we discuss the best way to remedy this. Usually by sending new product out or offering a percentage of money back on the product you have if you choose to keep it.  We address all issues promptly!

Some Examples of Print Failures:

Problem: Client orders grommets every 4' but needed them every 2'. This was ordered incorrectly.

Solution: We work together to get this product right and offer sizable discount to customer to be helpful.

Problem: Clients grommets rip out because there was too much tension. This was ordered incorrectly.

Solution: We talk about offering different edging because the one ordered is not sufficient. We reprint and offer sizeable discount.

Problem: A pocket heat weld pulls apart on the billboard. This was a print fail and we will offer to reprint or give a portion of the sale back to the client. 

Solution: We reprint the product and sent to you promptly. If you fixed it by using strong adhesive tape then we will offer you some money back for your trouble.

Problem: Grommets pulls out and lets print wavy around in the air for days ripping the banner apart. 
Solution: We would work together with you to make sure you order the correct product and talk about adding more reinforcement to your edges. We would offer sizable discount to help with new product.

Problem: You got your package and the box has holes in it. You are worried the print is messed up.

Solution: Take a picture of the box and email us. Then check your product to make sure there are no defects. If there are defects on your product then please take a picture and email us. We will send a new product promptly.

We are always fair and honest. And always do our best to remedy the situation..

What to do in case there is an issue with your print?

Email us right away with pictures of the issue. [email protected]

We will do our BEST to work with you to make it right. We have been making customers happy since 2007!

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