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Banners and Billboards

Most all banners and billboards are folded and shipped ground.  Items over 1000 sq. ft. or 100lbs will typically ship freight. We will email you ship rates at our cost.  If you request upgraded shipping for faster delivery we can do that! Just let us know and we will get you quotes quick.

In Summary:

  • Prints under 1000 sq. ft. ship regular ground.
  • Prints over 1000 sq. ft. ship freight at an extra cost.
  • Rolled shipments cost extra. 

Emailed quotes will be sent to you promptly. No worries we charge you what we get charged for shipping!

Extra Large Prints

We have to fold extra-large banners in order to avoid paying for freight charges. If you would like to pay additional shipping charges so we can ship you a huge banner on a roll, please call ahead of time and we can work out the details for you. Otherwise, our shipping manager will use his best judgment when it comes to shipping out your banner. For example, a 20ft x 40ft banner is impossible to ship without folding at least twice. There is absolutely no way we can get you a 20ft long box unless you hire a flat-bed semi to transport it for you. Even folding it in half at 10ft, we still cannot ship a 10ft box without the shipping charges being outrageous.

Will large prints be rolled?

Most large banners we make have to be folded since the box size is too large for UPS and would cost a fortune. If would like to request that your banner be rolled and shipped please email [email protected] with your order number and we can charge you the shipping difference or get you quote.

How are Billboards Shipped?

We always ship billboards folded. Once installed on the structure there will not be any visible folds. This is due to the stretching of the material and the sun warming the material to soften those creases.

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