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We offer many different types of banners including 13 oz., Mesh and Ultra Smooth 18 oz. The most common used is our 13 oz. banner material and it can be used for both interior and exterior. If you are in a windy area, using a Mesh Banner would probably be better so the air can pass through it. Some people have chosen to put wind slits in the 13 oz. banner as apposed to purchasing Mesh. For your 13 oz. vinyl you can choose to have it printed on matte or a semi-gloss material. 

Print Quality

Print quality needed is dependent on how far the audience will be away from the banner. If they are up close and it is an interior banner then we suggest doing a 4 pass print which is printed at 600 dpi. If it will be viewed as close as 15 feet then a 2 pass would work but if your sign will not be viewed within 30 feet then 1 pass would be how you would want to finish your banner. This is how most billboards are printed. 


Most banners require grommets for hanging the vinyl. We offer black, silver and gold grommets to fit your projects needs! Usually grommets are placed 2 ft apart on all sides but we can do a custom banner for you with whatever grommet placement you need. 


Webbing is a wide woven material that is placed in the hem of the banner. Webbing is optional and is used for projects where there will be a lot of weight on the grommets. This is a reinforcement for the grommets to keep them from ripping out with excessive weight. Below is a photo to give you an idea. 

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