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It really is a pretty ingenious idea, using oversized banners to advertise straight from your building! We offer any size to fit your project wall perfectly and we also have indoor and outdoor options. 

Material Used for Wallscapes

Usually for an exterior wallscape, people go with the breathable 9 oz. mesh banner. This will allow for the wind to pass through if it seems to get underneath the banner though we have had people choose the standard 13 oz. vinyl banner as well. Both work great for an exterior wall! Here are some examples of both, mesh and vinyl banners to give you an idea of the look they create. 

Interior Wallscape Material

You can go many ways with this but if you have a smooth surface, we offer an adhesive backed vinyl that can just be applied directly to the wall. Some customers also use our Ultra Smooth Vinyl or our 13 oz. vinyl banner as well for interior wallscapes. 

Finishing Options

If you are hanging the wallscape on the side of a building it is recommended that you get grommets every 2 feet and screw it into your wall. If you want stronger hems, we do offer reinforced webbing which goes in between the hem to keep the grommets from ripping out out in strong winds and weather. For interior finishing we recommend that you get a 4-pass print due to up close viewing. This will give you a crisp print and will increase the longevity. If using the 13 oz vinyl for your projects you will need to add grommets to screw into your wall as well. there is an alternative look that seems is trending and that is getting poll pockets instead of grommets and having the poles installed onto the wall. This is more of a rustic feel for interior design purposes. We offer many different options for finishing to fit your project perfectly. If you are not sure of what you would like to do, please feel free to send us a photo of the location you are wanting to install it on and we can help find the right product and finishing to fit your needs.

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